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Next let's try a factory reset on your router - this often helps remove any software bugs, mis-configuration or other glitch that may have occurred to the software or settings on your modem.

How to reset Wifi Hubs



Please note the following:

If you are using our landline services, this will reset the phone configuration and it will need to be re-setup by one of our Technical Support agents. Please skip to the next page if this is the case.

Locate the reset pinhole on the back of the router - this is next to the power button - press and hold this in for 10 seconds with a paper clip or other thin object while the router is powered on. This will turn the "i" light Orange. Allow the router to reboot normally (which will take approximately 2 minutes) - do not switch off during this process.


Resetting Third Party Routers:

For third party routers not supplied by MyRepublic you will want to also locate their reset button, press and hold this in for 10 seconds with a paper clip or other thin object while the router is powered on. Once the router reboots (in general this normally takes 2-3 minutes) you will need to login and reconfigure the modem. Guides for common modem makes and models can be found here. If your router is not on the list, our general settings can be found here.


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