Slow Speeds - Fibre - Isolation Testing

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We have determined that plugging your device into the fibre box has not increased your speeds.

The final step is to isolate your computer/laptop and cable.

Fibre has the great benefit of offering blazing fast speeds, however speeds can be limited by your hardware. There can be quite a number of things that can make a device run slow, before we leap into those however it is a good idea to try a different ethernet cable between the device and router to make sure the lowered rates aren't just caused by cable damage. Most routers usually come with 2 ethernet cables.

If trying a different cable hasn't shown a noticeable improvement the next step is to see if you can test with an alternate laptop or computer. Simply swap out your current computer/laptop with another and performing the same tests as before.


No additional laptop or computer for testing? If you do not have another device for testing it may be worthwhile to see if a friend or family member nearby has a laptop you can use for testing - just as it's always a good idea to isolate the issue to a specific a device before going through the potentially expensive process of replacing hardware.

Has trying a different computer improved your speeds?


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