Slow Speeds - VDSL - Testing Cables

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We now need to connect your laptop/computer to the router. This offers the best testing option and avoids any issues caused by WiFi.

If you have no way to connect your device or laptop to the router via ethernet cable, you will need to check out our WiFi troubleshooting guide here. WiFi may not be able to provide full line speeds.

Get an ethernet cable that came with your router and attach your laptop or computer to the router via one of the available LAN ports.



If you have already done the following test in the Wireless Guide, please re-test while connected to the router via cable.

Next, you want to head to the Ookla website and download the Speedtest App.

Once this is downloaded and installed, open the app. Ensure the "MyRepublic Limited - Auckland" Server is selected. If not, click here to change it.


Then select the MyRepublic test server.


Click the Go button.


Compare the download rate shown to the broadband checker results we found in the previous step.




Are the cable speeds within 5Mbp/s of the expected Chorus rates?


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