How do I pay my mobile bill

During your mobile sign-up, you will be asked to provide your preferred payment method, it could be via 
Debit/Credit Card, Direct Debit or Bank Transfer. 

If you have chosen a Card or Direct Debit as your payment method which is automatic payments, to ensure your account is up to date and no suspension in your service will occur, kindly ensure you have sufficient funds available on or before your bill's due date. 

If you have chosen Bank Transfer for payments,

Please ensure you make a payment a few business days before your due date to ensure the payment reaches us before your due date.

Our bank account details are:

BNZ 02-0152-0340442-002

For a standalone mobile account or if you have your new mobile included in your existing MyRepublic broadband account if in case your existing payment method is not working, you might find this article helpful in paying your bills - How can I pay my bill?

If you need more time to pay your bill, kindly see this article I need more time to pay my bill.

And lastly, if you need to update your existing payment method, please visit this article.



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