I want to cancel my mobile account

Yes, we can have that processed for you. But we will be really sad that you are leaving :(

Just let us know the following information before we proceed with your termination request:

  • The mobile number you wish to terminate
  • Termination reason
  • Your preferred termination date (if any) 

Please note that a full month subscription & any charges incurred during the month will be charged to your final invoice. Before you go, please also make sure that you have no outstanding bills with us. 


If you wish to keep your existing number please ensure you port it your new provider before termination of your MyRepublic mobile account to ensure you can keep it.


Strictly no withdrawal of the termination request once it is being processed. A final bill may be sent after the termination of service to reflect any unbilled or delayed charges (ex: Local and Roaming charges etc.)
To terminate your mobile service, please contact us via our Contact Us page.
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