I can't call, sms or use any data overseas

You are having issues with connecting to data services whilst overseas. Web pages will not load at all, the Apps you normally use can't connect and/or you cannot send and receive emails on the device.

Coverage issues when overseas are outside of MyRepublic's control, as you will be roaming on a 3rd party network. The following steps may resolve connection issues (ie. no data is being received) only. If the connection is slow or intermittent, you will need to refer to the local network provider whose network you are currently roaming on. This will include referring to coverage maps provided by that network, or any outages they may be having.

Follow the below troubleshooting steps 

1) Restart your mobile phone 

Try turning off and on your mobile phone to rehook to our network. 

Or you can try turning on/ off flight mode function on your phone. 

2) Flight mode

Make sure your flight mode/ airplane mode is disabled in your phone settings

3) Check that you are connected to our preferred roaming partners

You need to connect to our preferred roaming partners for your mobile service to work during roaming.

How to: Go to Settings > Network Selection > set to automatic or select our preferred roaming partners manually

4) Check that your international roaming is enabled in our MyRepublic app

In order to roam, your international roaming needs to be enabled

How to: Go to our MyRepublic app > "Roaming" > toggle roaming service "on/ off"
Or check this guide

5) Check that data roaming is enabled in your phone settings

You also need to enable data roaming on your phone so that you can connect to our preferred roaming partners during roaming. 

How to:

Iphone [Old IOS]:Setting > Mobile data > Mobile data options > toggle on Data roaming

Iphone [New IOS]: Setting > Cellular data> Cellular data options > toggle on Data roaming

Huawei:  Setting > Mobile data > Mobile data options > toggle on Data roaming

Samsung: Setting > Connections> Mobile Network> toggle on Data roaming

If in any case none of these troubleshooting steps resolve your issue, feel free to Contact Us

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