I can't make/receive calls

When you are unable to make or receive voice calls on your mobile device.

NOTE: If you have recently transferred your number to MyRepublic and are having issues using data/calls/or SMS, please allow up to 3 hours for all services to transfer across after you've received your welcome SMS

Follow the below troubleshooting steps 


  1.  Test call

o  Have you made a successful phone call from your mobile using our MyRepublic sim?

  • If never, rule out the device.
  • If yes, how long has the fault been going on?

o   Does an outgoing call fail?

  • Are you able to call anyone else?
  • Try to call another number that has connected in the past. Are they on the same MyRepublic network or another provider?
  • Are there any blocked numbers?

o  Can you check if you're having issues calling one particular number?

  • Determine if this issue is calling anyone and if this is an issue on a non-MyRepublic contact.
  • If just one problem number, try to delete the contact details and then try to dial and/or text the number directly. 


1) Restart your mobile phone 

Try turning off and on your mobile phone to rehook to our network. 

  • Turn the device off
  • Remove battery and SIM card
  • Reinsert battery and SIM card
  • Turn the device on

Or you can try turning on/ off flight mode function on your phone. 

2) Flight mode
Make sure your flight mode/ airplane mode is disabled in your phone settings


3) Check for software upgrade
Check that you are your phone's software is of the latest version. You can find this under "software update"


4) Test your SIM card using another phone
We need to isolate if it's a SIM or phone issue, you can try inserting our SIM in another mobile phone to try.

If the SIM works on another phone, this would mean that your current mobile handset is faulty and you may need to contact/ visit the manufacturer for further assistance.

5) Check your physical SIM card 

  • Take out your SIM and check if there is any physical damage
  • Try putting back in and see if it fits to your SIM tray

If there is any physical damage on your SIM or you can't put your SIM back to your SIM tray, please contact our customer support

6) Check your 3G/4G signal bar
If the bar is low, the signal may be blocked by your surroundings. There are a few factors that may affect your service, and here are some reasons why.  Note: it's a good idea to turn off 5G in your phone settings and test your phone on 4G to see if this fixes the issue.

7) Try a network reset on your phone
Try reset the network in your phone settings

If in any case none of these troubleshooting steps resolve your issue, feel free to Contact Us


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