Transferring your home phone number to MyRepublic

What is porting?

Porting is simply the process of transferring a phone number from one provider to another.

Your Home Phone service

MyRepublic uses 'Voice over Internet Protocol' (VoIP) home phone services.

VoIP is essentially a home phone service that allows you to make calls over your active internet service, i.e, all your calls are transmitted just like data you would use to browse a webpage.

Note: If you are a Fibre customer, you need to connect the home phone handset to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) box. But if you are a VDSL customer, you need to connect the home phone handset to your modem.

How do I port my number?

During the process of signing up, you can choose whether or not you need a home phone service, if you would like a new number, or to port a number across from another provider.

You can choose which home phone plan you require in Step 2 of signup.


Then, after providing payment information, you will need to fill in your details: Including your telephone number, your current provider and your account number with that provider - You can usually find your current provider's account number at the top of an invoice.


If you have already submitted an order, and need to add porting information after the fact, you can jump on our Live Chat and one of our agents will start the process.

To add another home phone feature, like call waiting or voicemail, jump on our Live Chat and one of our team members will assist.

Note: Prior to requesting a port, your phone number must be active with your current provider; otherwise, the request will fail.

How long does it take to port my number?

The porting process normally takes place within 3-5 business days.

How much does it cost?

If the phone number is still active prior to the porting request, there's no fee associated with it. But if the phone number was already disconnected with the old provider prior to the porting request, we can process the port for $40, but not if it's reserved for the native provider and can't be ported.

What if my porting order fails?

We'll let you know via email & SMS if your porting request is rejected, why, and what to do next.

Rejection reasons explained

Disconnected Number: The number is either disconnected, pending disconnection or the number has a prepaid redirection - this means it's effectively already disconnected
  • In this case, you will need to contact your previous provider and either reactivate the number or request the number be placed into the 'Call diversion number only' (CDNO) status
Unfortunately, if the number is disconnected, only the previous provider is able to retrieve it. Reactivating, or putting the number in CDNO status may occur additional fees

Outstanding Port Request: The previous provider has confirmed you have an outstanding porting order with a different provider

  • In this case, if you wish to port your number to MyRepublic, you will need to request this porting order be canceled
Incorrect Number: The previous provider has confirmed the number you have provided to port is incorrect
  • You can provide the correct number via responding to our communications with the correct number

Phone Number/Account Mismatch: The account number does not match the phone number you have requested to port

  • You can provide the correct account number via responding to our email communications

Excluded Number: The number you have requested to port cannot be ported as it's exclusive to your old provider - some providers do not allow their numbers to be ported away in certain cases.

I no longer want to port my number, can I get a new number?

If you change your mind and would prefer to be allocated a new number, and porting hasn't yet been completed, we can allocate you a new number almost immediately.

To request a new number, jump on our Live Chat and one of our team members will assist.


How will I be updated?

Our provisioning team will provide you with updates via SMS and/or email, when:

    • We have submitted your porting order
    • It has been accepted, or it had been rejected, and why
    • When there is a confirmed date we will receive the number
    • When the number is successfully ported and activated

Will my phone number be listed on the White Pages and other directories?

When you take a MyRepublic Home Phone service, your phone number will be kept private by default. To add or update your details on White Pages, jump on our Live Chat and one of our team members will assist.

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