Welcome to MyRepublic - What happens next?

Welcome to MyRepublic!

This article will help guide you through your first few weeks with us. We hope you enjoy your newly connected broadband.

Step 1: Getting Connected
We keep you informed throughout the order process, through email and SMS. If you had a technician come to your address, they will have set everything up for you. If your services are being activated remotely, you will just need to connect the router we provided (or connect your own if you've decided against a MyRepublic router). You will be notified when your services are activated and ready to go. Our comprehensive guide for setting up your router is located here:



Step 2: Setting up your WiFi
Now that your router is connected, you'll be able to access the internet.
In order to provide the best possible speeds to your devices, we recommend connecting to your router via an ethernet cable. This will allow you to game, stream, and download without any interruptions.
Don't worry though, WiFi is still an option! To connect to your WiFi, just search for the router in your nearby WiFi list, then select it and enter the password that is supplied with the router. This may be on a separate card that was in the box or printed on the bottom of the router. Look for "WiFi Password" or "Wireless Key".
If you want to customise your WiFi settings, including changing the name or password, visit this guide



Step 3: Understanding Your Invoice
We bill you monthly, with an invoice being sent to your provided email address, usually within one working day of your services being activated. This is the start of your billing cycle, which runs for the duration of 28 days. Your invoice is due 14 days after it is sent to you, and we automatically deduct the invoice total from your provided card details on this day. If your payment is declined, we will try again every 4 days.
If you have any questions about how your invoice works, visit this guide:



Step 4: How Can I Pay My Bill?
We deduct your monthly payment from your provided card details on your invoice due date (see above). However, you can pay manually at our handy PayNow page on our website.
To understand more about paying your bill, check-out our handy guide:



Step 5: Accessing MyAccount
You can pay online, change your card details, or view account information on MyAccount.
You would have received your username and password in the Welcome Email that was sent to you at sign up.
You can reset your password if needed on the sign-in page.



Step 6: Accessing MyRepublic App
Self-service is now fast and simple. Our app is your digital home for all your MyRepublic services.
You can:
⏳Track your order
🧾View your bills
🗓 Request a payment extension
📱Help at your fingertips



Step 7: MyTalk App
If you have a landline service with MyRepublic, you can use our new MyRepublic Talk App, which allows you to use your landline on your mobile in addition to a number of other useful features. You can find instructions and where to download them in this guide. 



Step 8: Need assistance?
We have over 150 guides on our support knowledge base with more being added all the time. Here you will find answers to our frequently asked questions. If you need assistance with your internet at any time, we have interactive guides that you can utilise to help diagnose and solve your issues.



NOTE: Our home phone services won't work during a power outage. If you qualify as a vulnerable consumer, we may have other options for you to contact 111 during a power outage. You can find out more information here.


Wrapping Up
We are on social media! You can join our social media communities through the following links.


If you are on one of our gamer plans, you can join our discord community here:

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That's all you need to know! Welcome to MyRepublic!



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