We don’t impose any restrictions on which router brand or model you can use with our network. You’re welcome to purchase your own preferred router or swap in another router. We recommend that the router you intend to use for fibre broadband should have at a minimum:

  • Gigabit Ethernet ports to allow the Ethernet cables (Cat 5e/Cat 6) can transmit up to 1Gbps.
  • Support for 802.11ac Wireless (Wi-Fi) standard for better signal coverage and faster wireless speeds.

Upgrading your router is a good idea but you need to ensure that the network adapter on your device supports the same standard to prevent bottlenecks.

In case you need technical support, we’ll try our best to help but we can’t guarantee complete troubleshooting support for routers not obtained through MyRepublic. There are many router brands and models in the market, each with their own individual features and we may not be familiar with your particular router’s specifications.

Below are the standard settings you can use to configure a third party router on our network.


    • WAN connection type - Automatic/Dynamic IP (DHCP)
    • On Automatic IP connection - Host Name and MAC Address fields blank
    • DNS Server Settings - Connect to DNS Server Automatically
    • VLAN - Untagged


    • WAN Service type: IPoE
    • 802.1P Priority: 0
    • 802.1Q VLAN ID: 10
    • VPI: 0
    • VCI: 100
    • Obtain IP address automatically
    • Network Address Translation Settings:
      • Enable NAT
      • Enable Firewall

 If you are having issues getting connected, and the above settings are setup, please check out the following guide.


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