The following is an interactive troubleshooting guide if you're having issues connecting to the internet using your MyRepublic service. Before you begin it's important to check the following:



1. The modem is set up correctly
If you're having issues with a new or existing connection it's important to check that your modem is set up correctly. Take a look at the following guide for steps on connecting your router: Connecting your Router


2. Network upgrades
We are continuously working on upgrading and improving our network. If you are having issues connecting to the internet you can check here to see if we are working on the network in your area. We'll seek to have any planned updates specified here before we begin work. If you are not affected by a network upgrade, please continue troubleshooting below


3. Is your bill up-to-date?
Your services may be suspended if your bill is unpaid, you would have received a text message or voicemail message if this was the case. You can find more information about payments here.


4. Still not working?
Let's troubleshoot, before we begin we need to know:


Has your internet worked in the past?



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