Great! Let's ensure your physical network is all connected properly! On our fibre service, we run our phone lines through the Fibre Box (also known as an ONT).

Model types 100 & 200

If your internet isn't working or you are experiencing issues setting up and plugging in your router and ONT, make sure you have done this first. You can find a full guide here. Please do this before continuing this guide.

There are a few things to be aware of when connecting your phone. There are two ways to connect your phone to the ONT.

Option 1:

The phone is connected to the first TEL/PHONE port on the bottom of the ONT. This means your phone will need to be located next to where the ONT is located.



Option 2:

 A RJ11 cable is plugged from the TEL/PHONE port on the bottom of the ONT to the nearest existing walljack. This can often link all walljacks in your home to the ONT which means you can plug your phone into any of your existing walljacks. This is often done by technicians when they first install the ONT in your home.


This is an advanced setup option, so please get in touch with us if you require any assistance with this setup.

Setting Up Your Phone

Option 1 is our preferred option for connecting your phone to the network, as it eliminates any wiring issues in your home. We will be using this option to troubleshoot your phone issues. Lets make sure your Phone is connect to the ONT.

Firstly, make sure your phone is connected to power (if it's needed), there should already be an existing cable that came with the phone to connect it to the ONT. 

Ensure one end of this cable is connected to your phone and the other end is connected to the first TEL/PHONE port on your ONT. It could look like any of the following.


The final setup should look like this:


If your phone cable doesn't fit into this port, it may be likely you have a rectangle BT Plug, which looks like this:


For your phone to work on our services, you need a cable with a RJ11 connecter on the end connecting to the ONT. These can be found at most electronic stores. If this isn't an option, get in touch with us here.

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