On the due date of your invoice, we will automatically charge your card. You can update your Credit/Debit card details by logging in to MyRepublic App and using the 'Payment information' tab.

Paying in advance & paying installments
Use the PayNow feature on the New Zealand MyRepublic homepage to pay outstanding invoices.


The PayNow feature will use the credit or debit card linked to your account to process payment

To make an advanced payment, there must be an unpaid invoice on your account.

We now offer Direct Debit as a method of payment. You will need to confirm with us if you are the sole authority of the account, or if the account is a shared authority and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Once we receive the bank account details, we will deduct your monthly invoice from this account on your specific due date outlined in your invoice.

You can change your payment method to Direct Debit on MyAccount under the "Payment Information" tab.  

If you would prefer to manually pay your invoices from your bank account, you can do so as long as you use your customer number (C10xxxxx) as the reference to the payment.

Please ensure you make a payment a few business days before your due date to ensure the payment reaches us before your due date.

Our bank account details are: 

BNZ 02-0152-0340442-002

You can find your customer reference number on your monthly invoice.


Please note that if you have Direct Debit, or a Debit/Credit card on your account already, we will still deduct any overdue payments on the due date of your invoice unless it's already been paid. We suggest removing any existing payment methods from your account if you plan to use Bank Account Transfers as your main method of payment.

We have options available to help you settle your bills.

  • If you need more time to pay your bill, you can request a payment extension.
  • If you find that the date you get your invoice does not work for you, we can get it changed to a different day

    Catching up on a missed payment
    We'll let you know if a payment we've tried to process has been unsuccessful. You can use the PayNow feature on the New Zealand MyRepublic website to catch up on a missed payment. If your service has been suspended, a successful payment will automatically reactivate your service.

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