The following is an interactive troubleshooting guide if you're having issues with the speed of your internet connection.

mceclip3.pngDevice Updated - Speeds can be affected by your device's software or hardware. Make sure you have the latest updates for your device and it's capable of handling large amounts of data.

mceclip4__2_.pngNetwork upgrades - As we are continuously working on upgrading and improving our network we will try to provide updates here as to any planned work underway, or about to begin.

All checked? Let's continue troubleshooting your speeds.

Start by choosing the picture that matches your connection


Not sure what service you are on? If you are on VDSL, it's likely your router is currently plugged in, or located near an old wall socket, the ones you previously used to connect your phone. If you're on Fibre, you would have a Fibre Box installed on a wall inside your home and an external termination point on the outside of your house.
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