Online scams are getting smarter and more difficult to spot. As we transition into a digital way of doing things, this is inevitable, that's why we need to be more cautious to avoid being a victim.

How do I know it's a scam?

Scams may offer products and services imitating MyRepublic and may result to the following:

  • asking you to provide personal or sensitive data which can then be exploited
  • asking you to provide payment card details
  • asking for a fee to provide support
  • asking you to enter commands on a computer which may install adware, malware or spyware
  • passing on your details and a telephone number onto other known scams and scammers

MyRepublic will only ask you for personal information when you initiate contact for customer service or technical support. This is for us to make sure we are talking to you, and not providing sensitive information to the wrong person in the process of helping you out.


Known scams

Just recently, we have been notified of reports where customers have received phone calls advising them of one or more of the following:

  • illegal activity recorded on the modem
  • tech visit to replace equipment
  • service cancellation

MyRepublic never calls customers from a private number and all technician appointments are communicated via email and SMS from MyRepublic.

Please do not visit any other external web site claiming to be MyRepublic.


There is a scam targeting MyRepublic customers telling them that they won a mobile phone as part of our reward program. They send an email asking customers to authorise a charge.

Sample 1:



Sample 2:



Sample 3:



These are not affiliated in any way with MyRepublic.

There are several risks to using these websites, including possible phishing, payment or malware scams.

MyRepublic takes the security of customer data seriously. We have been working with the police and the relevant authorities to take action against these websites to prevent attempts to defraud MyRepublic customers.

What to do if you have used these websites

MyRepublic would like to warn customers to not use any of these websites, or use any of the contact methods advertised on the websites.

If you believe your personal data may have been compromised, please immediately contact us on the telephone number at the top of your MyRepublic bill. If you have given your payment card details to any of these websites, MyRepublic recommends that you contact your bank and cancel the payment card as soon as possible.

 To help protect your personal information:

  • Please do not call any of the phone numbers which these websites advertise. They are not affiliated in any way with MyRepublic Customer Service.
  • Please note that MyRepublic will never ask you to pay a fee to assist you with customer support or troubleshooting your MyRepublic service.
  • We offer ways to contact us which can be viewed here
  • MyRepublic Customer Service will never ask you for your MyAccount password. This is only required to access the MyAccount tool on the MyRepublic website.
  • All areas of the official MyRepublic New Zealand website will start with https:// in your internet browser's address bar and is within the domain.

If you have any concerns about protecting your personal information, please contact us.

The Scamwatch website also provides up-to-date information on how to stay aware and protect yourself against online fraud and scams.

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